Welcome to Stavanger!

The University of Stavanger is proud to host the 32nd  ICSEI Conference on January 8-12th 2019 in Stavanger, Norway.

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Learn from some of the world’s most prominent voices on education and learning.
Gain insight into the most recent research on education, from kindergarten through to high-school.
Get inspired by school practitioners and leaders who will share experiences, challenges and best practice in an ever changing sector.Join the conference’s workshops and masterclasses for unique opportunities to discuss, share and learn.

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Stavanger is situated in beautiful surroundings on the West Coast of Norway.

“Bringing together – creating innovative educational policies and practices for diversity, equity and sustainability.”

This is what ICSEI 2019 is all about. The subthemes of ICSEI 2019 provide the backdrop for both the key notes and parallell sessions:

Education that creates a culture of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.
Early childhood education for the future: creativity and innovation.
Exploring the field of educational effectiveness – innovation .processes, research methods and techniques.
Sharing knowledge to improve data-informed decision making practices in education.
Rethinking roles and relationships within systems.
Leadership for and in the future.

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New to ICSEI?

ICSEI is unique in bringing together a growing community of researchers, educators and policy-makers every year, face-to-face, in an International Congress.

ICSEI works across disciplines, borders, roles and identities.
At ICSEI,  delegates are invited to discuss and debate ideas, evidence, practices and strategies. The aim is to make educational institutions more effective for those that they serve.

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We look forward to seeing you in Stavanger!