Programme strands (subthemes)

The theme for ICSEI 2019 is “Bringing together – creating innovative educational policies and practices for diversity, equity and sustainability”.

To live up to the ICSEI ideal of “bringing together”, this conference will emphasize dialogues and participation among participants in many ways. Together, we will highlight ways in which students, parents, communities, kindergartens and schools, districts, governments and academics inform and impact quality in early childhood and in schools. We hope you will join us and share your experiences, your practices, and your research.

There are a total of six different conference strands for ICSEI 2019:

  • Rethinking roles and relationships within systems
    This strand will focus on ownership of learning and schools from a range of localities, sectors and international contexts within early childhood to upper secondary education. This strand encourages research, policy, and practice attending to rethink our ideas about how our learning systems are organized, developed , resourced and supported.
  • Leadership for and in the future
    The development of educational leadership for and in the future is key to the development of professional capital. This strand will review the past, critique the present and encourage creative and innovative development of future educational leadership in preschool and school contexts. Increasingly, leadership at all levels from students, teachers, school leaders and system leadership is addressed as crucial for improving early childhood and schools.
  • Exploring the field of educational effectiveness –innovation processes, research methods and techniques
    The importance of education for diversity, equity and sustainability cannot be underestimated. Educational effectiveness research (EER) has the potential to be an advocate to promote equity and opportunities for all. The methodological issues of how we analyse complex data from multiple levels of the educational system have had, and continue to have, a salience in EER more than in many other educational specialties. This is the strand where we  welcome original studies presenting new methods and evidence concerning educational effectiveness at all levels of education from early childhood to upper secondary.
  • Education that creates a culture of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship
    This strand will address education of young people who can “think outside the box” and help create tomorrow’s workplaces and solve the challenges of tomorrow. Education conducive to innovation and change management, schools that create a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, where young people can use their skills in non-traditional ways and develop initiative and creativity.
  • Early childhood education for the future: creativity and innovation
    Quality education in the early years lays a foundation for future development and represents a value in itself for the well-being of growing children. In this strand we want to bring forward research and practices to improve education and development in early childhood through enhancing creativity and innovation together with ethics, equity and responsibility.
  • Sharing knowledge to improve data-informed decision making practices in education
    Educational effectiveness and improvement research has accumulated much knowledge in the use of data to inform decisions. Yet, many schools and educational systems are not making enough use of the knowledge. This strand is where we want policy makers, practitioners and researchers think innovatively around data informed practices, at different levels of the education system, with the aim to improve educational policies and practices for diversity, equity, and sustainability.