The Knowledge Centre for Education was established in 2013. Its primary task is to summarise, synthesise and disseminate knowledge from research on issues of relevance to the education sector. As an independent research organisation, the Knowledge Centre adheres to internationally recognised standards on how to synthesise research, with emphasis on how research can inform practitioners and policy-makers.

The Knowledge Centre for Education actively contributes to knowledge-informed policy, leadership and practice, and to an enlightened and knowledge-based educational debate. It disseminates research with relevance for the target audience, for instance what does and does not promote quality in kindergartens, schools, training programmes and higher education. To foster general understanding of the practical use of research, the Knowledge Centre for Education focuses on how knowledge from research can be joined with practitioners’ experiences to support professional practice.

The Knowledge Centre produces, collects and presents high quality systematic reviews and literature reviews from international collaborators, such as the EPPI-Centre at University College London, The Swedish Institute for Educational Research, Danish Clearinghouse for Educational Research at Aarhus University, Education Counts (Iterative Best Evidence Synthesis) in New Zealand, Campbell Collaboration, What Works Clearinghouse and Wallace Foundation.

Union of Education Norway (Utdanningsforbundet) is Norway’s dominating union for the education sector and is at present the country’s second largest trade union. We represent talented and conscientious professionals with teacher and academic qualifications within the entire Norwegian educational system. We have members working as teachers or leaders in early childhood education, in primary and secondary education and training, as well as in the college and university sector. We also have members working with the Educational Psychological Service, at special education centers, in adult education and in administration.

Union of Education Norway aims to influence social development through visible contributions in the national political debate according to our core values and ethics. Our goal is to contribute to the development of a society characterised by tolerance and respect for differences and diversity. The education sector is an important arena for developing democracy and encouraging tolerance in a culturally complex society.

In this sense the organisation is political, but we are not tied to any particular party or political movement. The foundations for our interventions in the political debate will always be our role as teachers. Our main concern is to help develop an educational system with high quality that offers free and equal public education for all.

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