In addition to the sponsors, ICSEI 2019 is kindly supported by the City of Stavanger, the County Governor of Rogaland and the Rogaland County Council.


The City of Stavanger is a city, a municipality and the administrative centre of Rogaland. The municipal council is amongst many other things, responsible for kindergardens and primary education.  Together with the county council the city provides schools and kindergardens to which participants at ICSEI 2019 can pay visits.

The Rogaland County Council is responsible for county policies within secondary education, as well as cultural affairs, communications, and economic development and regional planning.


The County Governor of Rogaland is the chief representative of the King and Government, and works to ensure that decisions of the Storting and Government are implemented correctly. The theme of the ICSEI 2019 conference, school effeictiveness and improvement, is highly relevant, and of crucial importance to fulfill the governtment’s aims for the Norwegian school system.

The City of Sandnes is a city and a municipality located south in Rogaland.  The municipal council is responsible for the quality of education for children and youth, and work collaborative to improve the education in kindergardens and primary schools throughout the city.  Participants at ICSEI 2019 are welcome to visit us!