Welcome to ICSEI 2019
January 8-12, Stavanger, Norway

Day 1: Tuesday January 8th

0700–0800 Registration
0700–1700 Board meeting
Kindergarten and school visits.
Information meetings for both visits will start at 08:15. Exact time of return will vary depending on where you go. 

Day 2: Wednesday January 9th

0800–1300 Registration



Pre-conference 1:
Modeling deep learning on all levels: How can schools promote equity, excellence and wellbeing with focus on formative assessment? Pre-conference for district, early childhood and school leaders. Hosted by LearnLab.



Pre-conference 2: 

The Foundation Years Researcher and Practitioner Forum. Keynote with Dr. Peter DeWitt entitled  “Educational Research: Making it practical so it can be impactful.” This will be followed by small mentoring rountables led by veteran ICSEI members.
1130–1300 Welcome and introduction to the networks to (new) members
1200–1300 Lunch






Minister of Research and Higher Education Iselin Nybø

ICSEI President Andy Hargreaves

Keynote speaker Jan Egeland
Providing education and hope to refugee children

1500–1530 Break
1530–1630 Parallel session 1 (ICSEI special)
1630-1700 Break
1700-1830 Parallel session 2

Clarion Hotel Energy

Day 3: Thursday January 10th

0800–0900 Registration
0900–1030 Parallel session 3
0900–1030 Showcase Norway
1030–1100 Break
1100–1230 Parallel session 4
1230–1330 Lunch & Network lunch meetings
1330–1500 Parallel session 5
1330-1500 Showcase Morocco
1500–1530 Break
Keynote speaker Maggie MacDonnell
Teachers Matter: Education for Resilience, Perseverance and Reconciliation


Keynote follow up session
This session includes two presentations from Norwegian schools, 
Hall Toll (city centre). Map. 

Day 4: Friday January 11th

0800–0900 Registration
0900–1030 The President’s choice:
The extreme after dinner speakers’ club
Hosted by  ICSEI president Andy Hargreaves
1030–1100 Break
1100–1230 Parallel session 6
1230–1330 Lunch & Network lunch meetings
1330–1500 AGM
1500–1530 Break
Keynote speaker Kathy Sylva

The effects of Early Childhood Education on academic and social outcomes: what longitudinal studies can tell us
Keynote follow up session:
Siri Dybwik & Kirsten Halle from the University of Stavanger give a dynamic presentation about aesthetics and art in early childhood education. 
1630–1930 Board meeting
1730-1830 Parallel session 7 (ICSEI special)

Day 5: Saturday January 12th

0800–0900 Registration
0900–1000 Keynote speaker Amanda Datnow
Data use with purpose: Promoting equity and professional collaboration in school improvement
1000–1045 Debate
1045–1100 Break
1100–1230 Parallel session 8
1230–1330 Lunch
Closing Ceremony and Handover

Launch of ICSEI 2020 

1500–1515 Break
1515–1715/1815 Masterclasses

The programme will be updated and is subject to change.