Things to do

Things to do in Stavanger while you are at ICSEI 2019

  • Visit Museum of Archaeology, which is in walking distance from the venue and from downtown Stavanger. Learn about the Vikings’ journeys to the west and feel the weight of a Viking sword. Did you know that Norway is the country in the world with the most finds of Viking swords (3500) and that a large number of them were found in Rogaland? You can also see the world’s oldest complete skeleton of a polar bear. Listen to the exciting story of how the skeleton was discovered, travel back in time and learn about creation myths from around the world. The museum also has a nice café and a museum shop.
  • You can also take a trip to the Iron Age Farm which is in walking distance from the venue. The Iron Age Farm at Ullandhaug is a reconstructed farmstead from the Migration Period, circa 350-550 AD.
Museum of Archaeology. Photo: Felix André Skulstad/Museum of Archaeology
  • Experience the Norwegian Petroleum Museum which is located along the sea in downtown Stavanger. It provides a modern interactive setting where you can experience how oil and gas were created millions of years ago, how petroleum is found and how it is used. Original objects, models, films and interactive exhibits convey the history of oil operations on the Norwegian continental shelf.
Norwegian Petroleum Museum. Photo: CH/
  • Make sure to take a walk through Old Stavanger with its 173 wooden houses from the turn of the 18th Century. Old Stavanger is a popular living area and many galleries and handicrafts boutiques are located in this part of the city. Norwegian Canning Museum and Stavanger Maritime Museum are also found here.
  • Another popular area in downtown Stavanger is Fargegata, which translates to “The Colourful Street”. This is perhaps the most colourful street in all of Norway, and is often referred to as Stavanger’s “Notting Hill”.
The street “Fargegata”. Photo: CH/
  • If you don’t want to walk or shop or eat, you might be interested in going ice skating while you are at ICSEI 2019? Right next to the venue, you will find an indoor skating arena, SiddIshallen. It is open for the public at given times during the week, and you can rent skates there. Have fun!

Things to do around Stavanger

January is a winter month and can be either wet or very cold. Be sure to bring along an umbrella / a rain coat and some warm clothes! Dressed properly, there are lots of things to do outdoors:

  • The beaches around Stavanger are both long and sandy. They are perfect for a brisk walk with fresh sea air to cleanse your system! If you choose the beach at Sola (Solastranden – a 2,3 km long beach), you can even combine a brisk walk with a day spa at the beach hotel.
  • For the more adventurous, and for those who have brought proper shoes along, there is the internationally famous Pulpit Rock!
The pulpit rock covered in snow.